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Harilal Alappatt Veayudhan

Lexxis Russian language course is very good for all levels. They are very complete and well organized course, covering grammar, reading, listening, writing, speaking etc…..I like how you can choose the type of language you want to learn.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a Grate Teacher”

I feel so lucky to have gotten Yulia Landa as my teacher in Lexis. Yulia Landa is so kind and wonderful teacher. I loved her class from the start and never grow bored. You helped me to get organized , motivated, and above all , interested in learning which is no small feet. Thank you my teacher Yulia Landa and Lexxis.

Yours Faithfully,
Harilal Alappatt Veayudhan
Kochi, Kerala, India +918281430824
Former employ from Studiya-Edis
Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Daniel Holmes

My name is Daniel Holmes. I am an American expatriate now living here in Ekaterinburg. My experience with Lexxis has been a very good one. From the very start they were professional and courteous. I am impressed by the way in which the staff handles themselves. I really like my teacher, she is very experienced and knowledgeable. Lexxis has been very accommodating to the way in which I desire to study. I have studied at other language centers here in Ekaterinburg and Lexxis is by far the best quality! I would recommend Lexxis to anyone who is desiring to study another language!


Daniel Holmes

Jorge Ramirez

Here is my review,

I wanted to make a short course of Russian while I was visiting Ekaterinburg. My friend suggested me Lexxis. The first day I met Julia whom made me an assessment about my knowledge of Russian. The intensive course went very well for the next days. We dedicated to follow a book and Julia was open to answer all my questions and improve my pronunciation. I was very glad that I choose Lexxis. The whole staff is very helpful and made me feel comfortable. I hope this year I will be back to take another course of Russian.


Best regards,
Jorge Ramirez

Dear all,

I came to Russia in the year 2012 as an Ayurveda specialist/doctor, since I had a translator at my work I don’t feel the need to learn the language.

I new little but Russian language but never tried to use it because of some fear inside of me.

I had total of 3 teacher until March 2015 my 4th teacher at Lexxis Ms. Yulia. She started teaching me with regular stuff what other teachers have taught me but the best part was she helped me to break my fear of talking Russian language even though it was with out any grammar.

More like a friend, a good teacher with little knowledge of English language she forced me to start speaking Russian language. I wished I would have joined here in the same year I came, I would have been speaking Russian very well by now. Any way better late than never. She is an asset to Lexxis and I recommend anyone who want to learn Russian language go with Lexxis.

Thank you.

Boris Vidovic (Борис Видович)


Nakon sto sam vidio, da kurs ruskoga jezika na fakultetu nije veoma kvalitativan, sam se odlucio da uzmem privatne casove u ovoj skoli, koju mi je jedan drug sa faculteta preporucio. Nisam se nadao da cu u tako kratkom vremenu moci napredovati toliko mnogo. Uz pomoci moje predivne uciteljice Julije sam naucio u kratkom vremenu puno novih slova i konacno shvatio neke dijelove gramatike koje nisam ocekivao ikada shvatiti. Mnogo mi je drago sto sam dobio priliku da upoznam sve osobe koje su zaposlene u ovoj skoli, jer su zaista dobri ljudi i nadam se da cemo se uskoro opet vidjeti. Najkasnije na Svjetskom Prvenstvu za dvije godine u Rusiji, kada se budem vratio u ovaj veoma zanimljiv grad.


Durch die Empfehlung eines Freundes, den ich hier in Jekaterinburg kennengelernt habe, bin ich auf die Sprachschule Lexxis gestoßen. Ich habe dort mit Julia eine sehr kompetente und überaus nette und sympathische Lehrerin bekommen, mit der ich im Einzelunterricht jede Woche meine Russischkenntnisse verbessern durfte. Die Kommunikation gestaltete sich zu Beginn etwas kompliziert, da meine Russisch­kenntnisse noch nicht so gut waren und ihre Englischkenntnisse ebenso, jedoch zwang uns diese Situation, uns irgendwie auf Russisch zu verständigen, was im Nachhinein gesehen ein großer Vorteil für mich war. So lernte ich sehr schnell Wörter, die zur Kommunikation unabdinglich sind. Alles in allem bin ich höchst zufrieden mit der Sprachschule und meiner Lehrerin gewesen und werde das nächste Mal wenn ich in der Stadt bin auf jeden Fall wieder vorbeischauen, sei es auch nur, um die netten Menschen dort wiederzusehen.

Emmanuel Hardorp

Ich kam recht zufällig über einen Freund auf LEXXIS. Gleich am Anfang war ich von der persönlichen Betretung beeindruckt. Ich konnte meine Ziele genau definieren und wurde dementsprechend unterrichtet. Darüber hinaus konnte ich den Unterrichtsumfang selbst festlegen. Ich bin kein Sprachtalent, trotzdem wusste mich meine Lehrerin Julia Landa stets zu motivieren und zu fördern. Ich bedanke mich recht herzlich fur die wirklich schöne und produktive Zeit im LEXXIS


I came upon LEXXIS by coincidence after a friend recommended it to me. The level of personal and individual support impressed me. I could define my own goals and got taught according to that. On top of that I could set the length and amount of lessons myself. I’m not a big language talent but my teacher Julia Landa always knew how to motivate and assist me. I want to express my thanks to LEXXIS and especially  Julia for the really nice and productive time!

J’ai découvert LEXXIS par hasard, grâce à un ami qui me l’a recommandé. Le niveau de soutien personnel et individuel m’a impressionné. Je pouvais moi-même définir mes propres objectifs et mon professeur a adapté son enseignement en fonction de mes besoins. De plus je pouvais décider de venir plus ou moins souvent et la durée des leçons était flexible aussi. Je ne suis pas très doué pour les langues mais mon professeur Julia Landa a toujours su me motiver et m’aider à progresser,

Je tiens à exprimer mes remerciements à LEXXIS pour leur enseignement si productif, individuel et agréable!

Эрвин Лама

В центре «Лексис» я хорошо сдал экзамен, потому что меня подготовили, всему научили. Теперь я понимаю всех и могу говорить, читать и писать на русском языке! Спасибо большое!

Эрвин Лама

Майкея Весин

Спасибо за обучение!

Я научился читать, писать и говорить по-русски! Мне сейчас легко работать, потому что я понимаю и меня понимают. Я учился с удовольствием.

Майкея Весин



My name is Antonella, I am Italian, I am a teacher of Italian as foreigner language.

Last September I have started to study Russian and this summer I have decided to try to improve my knowledge of the language by attending a course in Russia.

I contacted Lexxis and booked my course in Ekaterinburg.

I spent a week there, having 25 hours of Russian language and culture and excursions in Ekaterinburg almost every day.

Lexxis booked for me a very nice and comfortable apartment very close to the school but also to the center of the city, as well as the transfer from and to the airport.

My teachers, Tatiana and Natalya were excellent, I learnt a lot from them, not only about Russian language but also about Russian culture, habits, traditions.

My guide Evghenja was so nice,  very competent and professional.

I am enthusiastic about this experience, I felt that I was welcome and all my needs have been taken into account.

I strongly recommend to study Russian in Ekaterinburg with Lexxis!

Thanks a lot to Igor, my teachers, my guide, the driver Evghenji, the secretary and all people that let me to feel as in a family.”

My best regards


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